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Votes are being counted

Endeavour House, called upon all local artists aged 16 years and above to help design a 12m x 32m mural wall on its prominent, external wall facing both traffic on Canberra Avenue and the main shopping precinct of Manuka.  We warmly welcomed emerging, First Nations and People of Colour to apply.

The theme for our mural is climate change, as was chosen by the tenant community of Endeavour House and the local traders within Manuka shopping precinct. The theme of climate change was considered the most relevant and pressing issue facing our community.

Ethical Property will coordinate authority approval for the winning entry, as well as oversee installation of the design via banner over the wall, at Ethical Property’s own cost. The winning design will receive a separate $25,000 artist fee, with the design being decided by a public vote held in February 2021.

Please help us vote on the winning artwork and help bring colour to Manuka.

Why "Climate Change"? (Quotes from Endeavour House)

I think it would be good to have a constant reminder of what is important to the people directed at our politicians – who frequent Manuka regularly and in close range of Parliament House. I would really like the message to “SHOUT OUT LOUD!!!” because up to now – they are not listening. I would like the mural to reflect the impact on our wildlife and fauna as well as the degredation of quality of life as a result.

Why "Climate Change"? (Quotes from Endeavour House)

Because it’s the single most changeable cause of potential collapse for humankind. Climate Change is a serious issue created by humans and that can only be solved by humans. We need to be reminded of this every day so that we change our ways.

Why "Climate Change"? (Quotes from Endeavour House)

The loss and devastation being caused through climate change is phenomenal. We are losing amazing animals from across the globe due to this (and other human factors) and the fall out of climate change will continue to be felt across the world.


Submissions for Voting

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